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Seasonal Maintenance
- Fruit Trees / Shrubs Pruning
Lawn Maintenance
- Annual & Perennial Gardens
Sodding / Seeding Lawns
- Integrated Pest Management
- Residential /commercial
 Snow Removal & de-icing
Landscaping and Design
- Water Management 
- Fence & Decks
- Water Features
Design / Planning
- Interlock Patio / Walkways
Retaining Walls
Rustic Landscaping wants to thank its clients for a great year and for all the great works or art created.  

if you are interested in fixing, updating, add value or simply create a new work of art to your property call or email for a consult. 
 Landscaping with curb appeal can add up to 20% value to your property.
when owning a property renovations are always focused on kitchens, bathrooms an structure. remember that the first and last thing you and your family/ friends see is your front yard.